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Spreadsheet Hall of Fame Voting

Spreadsheet Hall of Fame voting http://spreadsheet-day.com/blog/

On Spreadsheet Day 2015 (October 17th), you voted for the top 3 programs that you wanted to add to the proposed Spreadsheet Hall of Fame.

Here is a quick update on the voting results, and I’ll leave the voting open a bit long.


Happy Spreadsheet Day 2015

Spreadsheet Day 2015 http://spreadsheet-day.com/blog/

Happy Spreadsheet Day 2015! Thanks for stopping by, and please vote in the survey below, for the Spreadsheet Hall of Fame.

We celebrate on October 17th because that is the date on which VisiCalc was first released, way back in 1979 – and that was 36 years ago. How time flies when you’re having fun with spreadsheets!


Spreadsheet Hall of Fame Categories

Spreadsheet Day http://spreadsheet-day.com/blog/

Thanks for all the nominations that you’ve submitted so far, for the proposed Spreadsheet Hall of Fame. I’ve grouped the nominees into 4 categories – People, Programs, Features and Functions. You can see the full list below.


Spreadsheet Hall of Fame Nominations

Spreadsheet Day http://spreadsheet-day.com/blog/

There is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a Baseball Hall of Fame, a Hockey Hall of Fame, a Toy Hall of Fame, and many others.

Why isn’t there a Spreadsheet Hall of Fame? There should be one, because spreadsheets are an important part of our daily lives. And we use them to keep track of things like baseball and hockey!


Spreadsheet Roundup 20150904

Spreadsheet Roundup 20160904 http://spreadsheet-day.com/blog/

Here is a roundup of selected spreadsheet articles that I’ve read over the summer. You’ll find interesting tips, useful sample files, and new ideas for your own spreadsheets.

For a weekly Excel Roundup, please visit my Contextures blog.