Spreadsheet Hall of Fame Voting

On Spreadsheet Day 2015 (October 17th), you voted for the top 3 programs that you wanted to add to the proposed Spreadsheet Hall of Fame.

Here is a quick update on the voting results, and I’ll leave the voting open a bit long.

Votes Per Program

In the Spreadsheet Hall of Fame survey, you could enter your first, second and third choices for spreadsheet programs.

I copied the votes into Excel, and created a pivot table, to show the votes that each program got for the 1, 2 and 3 choices.

  • Microsoft Excel was in first place, with 28 votes
  • Lotus 1-2-3 came second, with 20 votes
  • Quattro Pro  and VisiCalc tied at third, with 9 votes each.


Ranks and Scores

To give each program a score, based on its votes, I assigned a score to each choice.

Programs that were a first choice get a score of 3, second choice scores 2, and third choice scores 1.


Program Scores

Here is a summary of the program scores, sorted by score, in descending order.

  • Microsoft Excel was in first place, with 72 points – it was a heavy favorite in the First Choice selection.
  • Lotus 1-2-3 came second, with 45 points – it was the most popular second choice.
  • VisiCalc came in third, with 19 points – it had more First Choice votes than Quattro Pro did.


Vote for a Spreadsheet Hall of Fame Program

I’ll leave the Spreadsheet Hall of Fame survey open a bit longer, so if you haven’t voted for your favorite programs yet, this is your chance!


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