Spreadsheet Hall of Fame Nominations

There is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a Baseball Hall of Fame, a Hockey Hall of Fame, a Toy Hall of Fame, and many others.

Why isn’t there a Spreadsheet Hall of Fame? There should be one, because spreadsheets are an important part of our daily lives. And we use them to keep track of things like baseball and hockey!

Let’s Build One

My goal for this year’s Spreadsheet Day (October 17th – mark your calendar!) is to create a digital Spreadsheet Hall of Fame.

I need your help.

Spreadsheet Day http://spreadsheet-day.com/blog/

Spreadsheet Hall of Fame Nominations

Who or what should be included? People? Programs? Functions? Features? There is a short survey below, so add your nomination for the first inductees. Next week I’ll post the finalists (the top vote getters), and you can vote for one of those finalists.

Here’s the survey, so please add your nomination, and a reason why that nominee should be inducted.



Spreadsheet Day http://spreadsheet-day.com/blog/

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