Spreadsheet Roundup 20150603

Here is a roundup of selected spreadsheet articles that I’ve read in the past month. You’ll find interesting tips, useful sample files, and new ideas for your own spreadsheets.

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Spreadsheet Roundup -- June 2015  http://spreadsheet-day.com/blog//

1. Spreadsheets For Journalists

Journalist Patrick Garvin uses spreadsheets to make his job easier

2. Choose a Chart Type

To select a chart type will work best for your data, use Ann Emery’s Chart Choosing Tool. Click a filter at the top, such as “Do-able in Excel”, to see the chart types in that category.

3. Better Spreadsheet Models

Jordan Goldmeier explains how to create better spreadsheet models.  The article is a summary of one of his presentations at the recent PASS BA Conference.

4. How To Count

This short video shows 7 ways to count in Excel  — count numbers, all data, based on criteria, and other things.

5. Dot Graphs

If you rarely, or never, make dot graphs, Maarten Lambrechts shares 7 reasons why you should.

6. Create Pixel Art

Alice Keeler shows how students can create pixel art in Google sheets, either with fill color or conditional formatting

7. Excel Book Sampler

Que Publishing has a free sampler of Excel books that you can download. The book is over 200 pages, and contains chapters from 8 books, for a range of skills levels, from beginner to advanced.

8. Design First

Paul Mireault advocates designing a spreadsheet first, before you start building it.

9. Enjoy the Challenge

Many years ago, Andrew Wulf built the Trapeze spreadsheet program, and he still loves a good programming challenge. So, don’t let those complex formulas defeat you — “The next time impossible stares you in the face, stare back.”


Spreadsheet Roundup -- June 2015  http://spreadsheet-day.com/blog//

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