Spreadsheet Day 2013

Happy Spreadsheet Day 2013! In honour of this special occasion, here is a collection of my favourite spreadsheet tweets from this year.

I collect and post Excel tweets every Friday on my Excel Theatre blog. They give an interesting glimpse into the strange and wonderful ways that people use (and abuse) spreadsheets.

And remember, onions and spreadsheets don’t mix!

  • having an excel spreadsheet open on your computer ALWAYS makes it look like you’re doing work, no matter whats on it
  • I’m drinking coffee and staring at an Excel spreadsheet.. Is this what it’s like working in an office?
  • I have been working on the same spreadsheet all day today. That plus the onions from someone’s lunch are making me stabby.
  • I have just typed the words “killer frogs” into an Excel spreadsheet. This makes me happy, for some reason.
  • The spreadsheet I’ve just been sent has a v.fancy pivot table in it. I actually said “Woah!” when I opened it. God help me.
  • Guy next to me is assaulting his keyboard, and using a calculator to work out sums for his excel spreadsheet…
  • Eugh..Girl complaining about an excel spreadsheet like it’s Satan’s work. IT’S AN EXCEL SHEET.
  • I’m just going to keep calm and pretend that the Excel spreadsheet I’ve been working on for the past 8 hours did not close without saving.
  • My colleague has been making a humongous Excel spreadsheet for 4 solid days. What’s the best way to tell him he’s been using the wrong data?
  • Is it weird that I’m asking my nanny to fill out an excel spreadsheet that tracks my son’s feeding and napping times? #nerd
  • Oh, a 40MB excel spreadsheet of data… without any instruction on how to mine the data… or what we’re supposed to do with it? Perfect.
  • Bridesmaid has hen party spreadsheet. I love her.
  • I swear, my boss would have us log the number of breaths we take of labspace air in an Excel spreadsheet if he could. everything.xlsx
  • Just incorrectly entered a date into a spreadsheet with the year “29013.” Spreadsheet promptly froze and crashed. #Y29KBug #EndOfDays
  • Hope my boss never discovers the excel spreadsheet I’ve been working on all month is just a list my favorite Macho Man Randy Savage moments.
  • Doing an excel spreadsheet for my boss in colours of the rainbow, i hope he likes it, shame i couldnt add a scent #work
  • Staring at an Excel spreadsheet wont make it do what you want it too…finding this out the hard way!!! #deathbyexcel
  • “An Excel spreadsheet is probably the best way to store this information.” – OLD people
  • boss just called my excel project the “Model-T” of spreadsheets. not a compliment.
  • Code something difficult, no one cares. Make an excel spreadsheet look pretty “wow, what amazing work you’ve done!” #MathMajorProblems
  • When will we get The Great British Spreadsheet Bee? One and a half hours to create a pivot table with a graph?
  • I don’t judge people by skin color or religion or gender…but I do get a little impatient if they can’t create a competent excel spreadsheet…
  • When Excel asks you whether you want to ‘Update Links’ in a spreadsheet sent by someone in Finance, say no immediately. #TIL
  • Who cares if my Excel spreadsheet doesn’t “add properly” or “make sense”. Did you see how I nailed the color scheme? It looks awesome!!!



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