Spreadsheet Analysis: Value of a Bull

image There’s a lot of bull in business, but if you’re actually buying a bull, this Value of a Bull spreadsheet should help with your decisions.

Just like any other big purchase, apparently there are many things to consider when buying a bull. For example:

  • How much is too much to pay for a bull?
  • Is a cheap bull always the best buy?

I don’t have any personal experience in bull buying, but Dr. Brett Barham, from University of Arkansas appears to know the subject very well.

You can download his Value of a Bull spreadsheet in either Excel format or Open Office format. There’s also a video that explains how to use the spreadsheet, with advice on decision making.

Unfortunately, someone has formatted the spreadsheet with white font and a black background, instead of the easy to read format that is shown in the video. There are module sheets in the workbook, and they trigger a macro warning, but you don’t need to enable macros to use the workbook.



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2 Responses

  1. Like you, I have no experience buying bulls. I’m not really interested in bulls, so I didn’t bother to download that file.

    But if I were in the market for a bull, I think color, intelligence, and disposition would be important factors. I’d want a white bull with black splotches — similar to cows that you often see on the side of the road. No black bulls. They just seem too mean. And DEFINITELY, not a bull with a ring in his nose. My ideal bull must be gentle with children, and must be able fetch objects on command. A good understanding of English is a bonus.

  2. Debra says:

    Thanks John! I don’t have any beef with a nose ring, but it certainly behooves us to consider the other points you’ve raised.

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