Would Wii Kinect With Spreadsheets That Move?

When you play games on a Wii, your body movements trigger emotions, which make the experience more entertaining, according to scientists who are studying the effects these games have. Could you create a spreadsheet that works on a game console, to make that experience more enjoyable too?

In the article,  How Wii and Kinect Hack Into Your Emotions, NYU scientist, Katherine Isbister, says “There’s no reason why dealing with a spreadsheet or sorting e-mail couldn’t be as wonderful as tai chi.”

What a great idea! Swing your arm to change a pivot table layout. Kick your left foot to delete a column. A right jab could insert a new sheet. Bow your head to save the file.

I’ll let you know when the prototype is ready. In the meantime, I’ll be in the basement, getting inspiration by playing Sports Champions on my new PS3 Move console.



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2 Responses

  1. Ken Puls says:

    I love the image of deleting the column. You can see cubicles expanding everywhere as the BI geeks demand more space so they can do serious work. LOL!

  2. Ute-s says:

    I’d not need Kinect support for creating a spreadsheet as a first step. But: Imagine you’re presenting a large spreadsheet on a large screen. And while saying “As we see in column Z, the result is …” and you point to the right and the table scrolls to the last column of the table. The same should of course work easily for downward movement.
    “And I’ll show you the results in a chart …” a nod and the sheet with the chart becomes visible …
    Life could be so easy if you could just navigate a spreadsheet without a mouse.
    Editing it with gestures would only be the next step and not so necessary for me.

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