Spreadsheet Day October 17 2010

calculator One dark, cold day in February, I suggested that we pick a day to celebrate as Spreadsheet Day. You participated in a poll to pick a suitable date, and October 17th, the release date of VisiCalc, got the most votes.

Well, that date is just over a week away, so it will soon be Spreadsheet Day 2010. How will you celebrate?

  • Mike Alexander has created a special meal that would be perfect — The Sheet Sandwich.
  • In a comment on the Contextures Blog, Bob Ryan suggested using our Excel expertise to help individuals or organizations that need it.

Just in time for Spreadsheet Day, there’s an interview with VisiCalc developer Dan Bricklin on the ‘This Developer’s Life’ blog. You can download the audio file, and the interview starts about the 27:00 minute mark.

He reminisces about the thought process that led to VisiCalc, and what it was like to realize they’d created a hit product.


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